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In order to accommodate the needs and requests of our patients, we are contracted with numerous insurance programs. We are pleased to be on these provider lists in order to take care of you. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, for us to keep track of all the individual requirements of these plans. Each one has different stipulations regarding how services may be rendered, and the number of visits allowed, which does not automatically coincide with the number of visits needed. Even within the same insurance company, the plans differ depending upon the contract your employer has negotiated.

Providing quality care is our primary concern, and we are more than willing to provide the care within your insurance contract.

Unfortunately if you do not inform us of the specific requirements in your insurance contract, and we subsequently provide services that are not covered, we will have no choice but to bill you directly for those services. Payment of unauthorized services is then your responsibility. With your cooperation and help, you should be able to receive all the benefits due by your insurance carrier and we will be able to concentrate on caring for your needs. We must know the name of your primary care physician.

Copayments are collected at the time of registration. Please bring your insurance cards with you each time you visit our office. Report all changes in insurance, address, and employment.

Please be sure you have obtained your referral or authorization number before you arrive for your appointment to avoid the possibility of having to reschedule or to be responsible for the total fees.

If your insurance plan does not cover the services performed, please be prepared to pay for these services on the day received by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, check, or cash.

For any surgical procedures, charges will be discussed with you when arrangements are made and authorization is obtained. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have at that time.

For a comprehensive list of insurance providers please view this file :